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Will Robbins

My name is Will and have been fishing since I was 3. With my Dad, I’ve fished for sharks & mackerel off Hilton Head, trout in North Georgia and largemouth bass in my neighbor’s pond. At 7 years old, I caught my first sockeye salmon on the Kenai River in Alaska. My favorite place though is the Florida Keys.

In our family, by the time we’re 14, we have to have a business. My sisters started teaching piano and making jewelry. I first started with a doggie gift box going door to door. My dad said that if you can make a business out of what you love doing, then it will never feel like work. That’s what this site is about. I love fishing.

Every year we go down to the Keys in the spring and fish with some of the greatest, friendliest guides ever. They have taught me a lot. My goal is to help the guides and charter captains get more clients from the internet. You can help me do that by clicking on these links and booking the services that are highlighted.

Thanks for visiting my site and booking with these charters.